Peter B. Ehrlinger


Specialist Solicitor for Intellectual Property Law

Fiduciary of Book Price Fixing 

Peter B. Ehrlinger

Kurfürstendamm 66

D-10707 Berlin


phone: +49 (30) 88 91 31 -12

fax:      +49 (30) 88 91 31 -13


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Peter Ehrlinger is Specialist Solicitor for Intellectual Property Law and specializes in trademark law, protection of company names, design law and unfair competition law. 


As Fiduciary of Book Price Fixing Peter Ehrlinger addingly focuses on the law of book price fixing and unfair competition in the book sector. 

Practice Areas


Intellectual Property Law

Trademark Law 

Unfair Competition

Design Law

Book Price Fixing






Curriculum Vitae



Law and business studies at the Ernst-August-University Göttingen, law studies at Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg and at University College Galway, Republic of Ireland (ERASMUS scholarship)



Research associate in the legal department of Treuhandanstalt Berlin (Bundesanstalt für vereinigungsbedingte Sonderaufgaben / BvS, the East German privatization agency), Berlin, within the areas of commercial law, company law and contract law



legal clerkship at the Berlin Appellate Court (Kammergericht), inter alia in a international law firm (Gaedertz Rechtsanwälte), Brussels in the areas of antitrust and competition law, European Union law, commercial and company law and at the German Federal Cartel Office, the Bundeskartellamt (merger control of banks and energy companies) 


Corporate counsel in his grandfather´s factory (wood and plastics processing industry) in East-Westphalia and in the Czech Republic


Appointment as attorney-at-law



Lawyer in a in a medium-sized law firm in Berlin (trademark law, unfair competition law, commercial law, contract law)


Foundation of the law firm v. NIEDING EHRLINGER GEIPEL INGENDAAY Attorneys-at-Law, Berlin


Admission as Certified Specialist for Intellectual Property Rights (trademark law, unfair competition las, design law, book price fixing law) 

2015 Appointment as Fiduciary of Book Price Fixing (Preisbindungstreuhänder des Buchhandels) by members and the management board of eBuch eG  



German and Berlin Bar Association

German Association for Industrial Property Protection and Copyrights (GRUR) 

German-French Lawyers Association

German-Irish Lawyers Association

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