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The law firm v. NIEDING EHRLINGER GEIPEL INGENDAAY was founded in 1999 by a merger of three lawyers who had gained their first professional experience in various law firms specialized in the so-called "green area" (intellectual property). Since then, our law firm has grown to more than ten qualified professionals, most of whom licensed and active as specialist attorneys for industrial property rights, or are in the appropriate specialist training.


We combine our special expertise in the area of ​​non-material property rights (brands, designs, utiliy models, copyrights), unfair competition and press and media law with long-term experience and professional routine.


We manage trademarks and other industrial property rights in Germany, Europe and all economically relevant regions of the world. We advise our clients, especially companies from Germany and abroad in the areas of intellectual property, competition, copyright, music law and press and media law, in particular we represent our clients before trademark and patent offices, patent courts and specialist chambers of the civile law courts. 


In the case of complex brand strategies in Germany and in the international sector, we advise and support our clients from branding until complete brand protection. In the international arena, we rely on a growing and reliable network of specialized consultants and experts.



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