Aufgaben des Notars

The notary is an independent body of the preventive administration of justice. The notary certifies acts of law if the certification is required by law or if it is desired to increase the power of proof and legal certainty.


The notary is obliged to ensure the independent, impartial and proper care of all parties involved by his official office.


For our notaries, this is not only a legal duty, but belongs to their personal convictions and to their duties as a stand. Our notaries fulfill all the tasks which they are responsible for according to legal requirements.


The main activities include, for example, the certification of


  • Company agreements and enactments under company law,
  • Land purchase contracts and other land transfer operations,
  • Marriage and partnership agreements,
  • testamentary dispositions and other legal proceedings.


In addition, the notary office fulfills further tasks in the field of precautionary legal protection.


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